“Unexpected” is a term that could define the ever-exciting offerings that mark Daryl Bunn's creative path.  He is a multi-dimensional artist/photographer who continually reaches further to express his inspiration and vision.

Historically, photography has been his prominent mode of creative expression.  He has built his career and reputation on his finely crafted skills and is well-known in the commercial photographic field for his technical and creative excellence.  The fine art photographic images being offered are simply visually breathtaking.

Daryl's creative interests, however, are vast and varied.  He has recently returned to his love of the art of serigraphy first expressed in 1976.  The prints are simplistic, architecturally elegant, emotionally charged, and challenge the viewer to reflect inward.  "My hope is that they are appreciated for the use of color and shape, composition and balance.  I would consider them successful if the viewer can create their own relationship with the work," he says of his recent series.

The photographic images and serigraphs in this recent collection of Daryl's work are offered as highly limited editions.

Daryl's work has been included in numerous art exhibitions for which he has received many prestigious awards. Daryl Bunn is currently represented by Fogle Fine Art, Jane Gray Gallery, Soho Myriad, Atlanta/Los Angeles, and Rollins Fine Art.